All members are required to follow all rules and regulations set forth below. This is to ensure a coherent and well-put together Simm.


1. The USS Aeon's Prime Directive: have fun. We're all here because we enjoy Star Trek, enjoy writing and want to relax after a hard day's work. This is the core value from which we operate. This sim exists because we are dedicated to creating a place where we can all play out our characters under the best conditions possible. We're here for our fun, we're here for your fun. Nevertheless, in order to make sure we can equally share in the fun, we have these rules.

2. Command of the sim lies with the command staff, comprising of the CO, XO, 2XO and the Mission Advisor. While operational command lies with the CO and XO, decisions made by them will be considered by the entire command staff. However, the USS Aeon is an initiave from the players behind Estrad Dagan and Barim Nash. They reserve a final say in all matters, though we assure you they will keep their eyes on our Prime Directive, fun simming for everyone, at all times.

3. As you would expect, all posts, personal logs, news items, private messages and all and any communication or written records sent through this site must not contain any form of insult, bad language, illegal or otherwise deemed inappropriate writing. Anything found to be going against this rule will be dealt with appropriately by the command staff, up to permanent expulsion from the Simm.

4. This Sim is aimed at those 13 years and older. Anyone found under this age will face immediate expulsion from the Sim.


5. All players must have an up to date and detailed bio with all relevant fields filled in, as approved by the command staff.

6. All players login times are tracked by the system. All players must login on a weekly basis.

7. All players must post at least 2 times a month (the equivalent to one post per fortnight). This is the base minimum, and more is expected. A Joint Post counts as one post per added writer. This is to ensure the continual activity of the Sim.

8. Not only are you required to post enough, you should also not keep your fellow players waiting in a Joint Post. Reply within 4 days of the last tag. In addition, single posts should at least contain three paragraphs, Joint Posts six paragraphs.

9. Failure to comply with the above activity rules will result in a written PM warning. Failure to respond to the warning after 48 hours will result in the character in question being made inactive. Inactive characters can be made active again given command approval.

10. Exceptions to the above activity rules will only be made if a character has requested and been approved a Leave of Absence from the Simm.


Please do not at any moment hesitate to speak to the command staff about anything: we want to hear what you're thinking. Don't be afraid to voice criticism, if you have it: we can take it!