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New Theme(s)!

Posted on Sun Nov 18th, 2012 @ 1:02am by Captain Estrad Dagan

Hello all, both current and potential new players! I know things have been a little slow in being setup, but we should be underway momentarily on our first adventure. So please do get your characters into ship-shape, signed up with our wonderful XO, and let's get this ship on the road (or through the stars...)

To that endeavour, I'm proud to present my day's achievement, the wonderful new Karma theme! This lovingly handcrafted theme brings a crisp, modern feel to Nova and makes our Sim truly one of a kind. See if you can find another Nova kitted out as well as ours now ;)

I've made Karma the primary theme, but as it's handcrafted there might be a few minor graphical issues I haven't noticed. If you see anything out of the ordinary, do let your Captain know so he can clear it up (please take a screenshot if you can).

I've also uploaded and enabled the Beta theme (it's an extra from Anodyne), so if you want a standard Nova feel but a similar black and white crisp look, then you can enable that one instead from your Site Options.

Looking forward to Simming with you real soon!

Captain Estrad Dagan



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