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Crew Choice Award

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2013 @ 2:33pm by Captain Estrad Dagan

Hello crew! As we're nearing the end of March, it's nearing the time for my monthly update. This update will cover February and March, and what an update I have this month, given our doubling in crew size in the space of a week :D

Anyway, as is normal for monthly updates, we will also have our monthly awards. There are various awards up for grabs to be awarded by the command staff, but there is one that will only be awarded at the bane of the crew, that of the Crew Choice Award!

Which of your fellow crew members do you think has stood out these past two months? Who has produced that post that made you smile or laugh, or was just the best written? Or who do you think deserves recognition for a well designed and polished character?

Please nominate before midnight GMT on 30th March (that's this Saturday). Awards will be announced on 1st April. To nominate, login and on the right hand menu, under User, choose Award Nominations. Select the Crew Choice Award, select your crew member of choice and then give your reason. NPCs excluded, of course ;)

Good luck everyone!


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