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End of May

Posted on Wed May 29th, 2013 @ 9:18pm by Captain Estrad Dagan

As we approach the end of the month it's time for us to consolidate the posts we have and begin to push forward.

To that extent our current active joint post, Senior Staff Gathering, will now be getting it's final edits. Please make sure you make any final adjustments by Sunday when this post will be published. The new post which will follow the arrival at our planetary destination will be up soon, I'm just laying the foundation.

Can I also ask that any other posts that you have that happen in the time before and during the battle be finished up and posted as well. This way we can get these out the way while we concentrate on moving forward in time.

I'm also announcing the opening of nominations for the Crew Choice Award; vote on your favourite active crew member over the past two months (April / May). You can also nominate crew members for other awards too, if you see an award you think someone should have, nominate them! Nominations close end of day Sunday, and will be announced on the Monday.

Finally, I will be issuing a new award this month which will follow the milestones of your characters on the Simm, that is, the time you have been with the USS Aeon! Our first award will be for six months, so those of you who have been with us for that long will receive that award this time. And of course, those who don't get this award now will be eligible when the time comes!


Captain Estrad Dagan


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