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Commander Barim Nash

Name Barim Nash

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 180 cm
Weight 80 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Good looking, with an open expression, often smiling. Barim is of average height, in relatively good shape and usually sports a neat uniform. He's approachable and casual, yet maintains an air of professionalism around him.

He often grows a beard, but will shave it at a whim. His voice is a deep baritone, a pleasing voice that's rarely raised in anger.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Nikael Nash (deceased)
Mother Kestra Nash (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Gloranna Nash (deceased)
Other Family Engal Kalos (adoptive father)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Barim is the guy everybody likes. He's friendly, casual, outgoing, bristling with energy and still has time to listen to your personal stories. He'll listen to you intently, being genuinely interested in you. Then, if you'd like, he'll give you brutally honest advice - beating around the bush is not something Betazoids are known for.

As a professional counselor-turned-executive, Barim is a First Officer who is 'one of the guys' first and an officer second. You have a beef with someone? Ask the XO to come mediate. Feeling bored during a long voyage? Barim will throw a party.

Yet, at the same time, his rest, insight and professionalism demand respect. Barim is almost never angry, but he'll still be honest and will tell you when you are out of line. So apart from being 'your friend, the XO', he will not hesitate to throw you in the brig with a smile, if you deserve it. He can, actually, read minds and although he won't needlessly abuse that ability, he'll say just enough to keep you on your toes.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Experienced counselor
+ Years of experience as an officer in various roles
+ Telepathic

- Lost his ambition to become Captain
- Crew comes before the mission
Ambitions Actually, none. Barim has been an Executive Officer for a few years and has so far refused a promotion to Captain and his own command. He feels he's reached his life's destination and simply wants to stay the ship's liaison between crew and Captain - not become the Captain himself. If Starfleet ever forces him out of that position, he'll probably head back to the Academy to teach.
Hobbies & Interests Outgoing, Barim can often be found in the ship's lounge, talking or playing games.

Personal History Early life and tragedy

Barim Nash' life did not start off on the right foot. Barim's father, Nikael, was a Betazed representative in the Federation parliament. Nikael was a fierce proponent of the eradication of piracy in the Alpha Quadrant. He found many a sympathetic ear amongst his fellow representatives and the Federation proceeded to order Starfleet to increase their efforts on weeding out pirates all across the Federation.

In an attempt to get Starfleet off their case, a band of Orion pirates, in a daring raid, managed to attack and disable the ship (the USS Centaur) that carried Nikael and his family - his wife Kestra, their daughter Gloranna and youngest son Barim.

Demanding the complete cessation of the pirate hunting efforts, the pirates held the Nash family as hostages upon their newly acquired Centaur-class ship. When the Federation refused to deal with them, the pirates set charges and threatened to leave the Nash family adrift. Nikael tried to reason with them, but the pirate leader - realizing he had overplayed his hand by taking a representative hostage - shot Nikael in front of his own family.

They proceeded to kill of Kestra and Gloranna when the ship threatened to blow up with them still in it. In the confusion that followed their retreat, Barim made it onto an escape pod. Hate filled him when he watched the ship blow up in space from the viewport in his pod.

Teenage years

Barim was picked up by Starfleet rescue forces, found alone in his pod. The boy refused to say anything for weeks. Concluding he was heavily traumatized, Barim was placed within a loving foster home. Despite his foster parent's best efforts, Barim remained mostly silent and became increasingly violent over the next few years.

He did well enough at school, but got into fights regularly. Sometimes, other kids would not even know why Barim had attacked them. Despite the openness of Betazoid society (who can keep secrets from telepaths?), Barim proved to be a mystery to many counselors. His experiences had somehow given him the ability to block out others' thoughts - even trained telepaths could only scratch the surface of what he was thinking.

When Barim reached the age of sixteen, he was placed in the care of another counselor - Engal Kalos. Kalos, one of the top minds (literally) when it came to telepathy, was asked to work with the boy, in a desperate attempt to save the boy's future, which seemed to be going down the drain.

Barim, by now even more adept at hiding his thoughts as he had been before, trusted the man immediately. Mainly because Engal made no attempt, whatsoever, to probe Barim's mind. All they did, at first, was sit. No talking, nothing. Then slowly, Engal began asking about Barim's life, his family. His casual, dosed approach opened Barim up, bit by bit.

Until finally, Engal asked about the event on the Centaur and Barim broke down. Only with Engal would he share bits and pieces of what he had seen and experienced on that fateful day.

Growing up and joining Starfleet

Barim stayed with his new mentor for two more years - Engal actually went as far as to adopt the boy - before he resolved what to do with his life. Impressed with Engal's integrity and peace-of-mind, as well as him being the only one Barim really trusted, he decided to become a counselor, just like his adopted father.

Barim applied to Starfleet Academy. Not only were Starfleet counselors amongst the best there were - Barim also wanted to see something of the galaxy and maybe, just maybe, take a swing at those pirates, somewhere in the future. At the very least, he wanted to make the galaxy a safer place.

Starfleet Academy was nothing like high school for Barim. Although he was frequently haunted by visions and dreams of pain and exploding ships, he managed to work hard, make friends and enjoy himself. Barim participated in sports teams and got along with others well enough - even if he preferred to be alone, at the end of the day.

Life in Starfleet and the Dominion War

After completing Starfleet Medical and earning a promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade (as all medical and counseling officers do), Barim was assigned first to Starfleet Academy again - to teach. This he did with passion and for a while, Barim explored the option of actually simply going into research and remaining on Earth as a professor.

But then the Dominion War broke out and Barim was called up to fight. Or rather - support the fighters. As a counselor without combat experience, who was used to eager students, Barim was both frightened and refreshed by the traumatized crew he tried to help for two years. His own experiences greatly aided his ability to help others come to terms with theirs. He soon developed a reputation for being a 'go-to guy' whenever you needed advice, a reputation he would never again lose.

Back to school

After the war, Barim was glad to return to Starfleet Academy. His experiences during the war gave him a new angle to teach from and he once again pursued teaching with passion. He started Ph.D research on combat trauma. Meanwhile, Barim quickly resumed his position as informal counselor on all kinds of personal matters. Students loved him and he could often be found in the local watering holes, playing cards with students and having a good time.

Barim also enjoyed a few short relationships with women, but found it hard to focus so much of his attention on one person.

Living on Earth also gave Barim the opportunity to visit his foster father often. Their time spent together was valuable, as it had always been.

Senior Counselor

After another 5 years at the Academy, his Ph.D in the pocket, Starfleet asked Barim to put his knowledge and experience to use. He was assigned to the USS Horizon as Chief Counselor and adviser to Captain Mallory Jones, a veteran of the Dominion War. Jones was calculating, distant and to-the-letter and Starfleet felt Barim would complement his crew well.

Set out on a long exploration mission on the fringes of the Alpha Quadrant, the Horizon's mission was to make First Contact with new species and chart the unknown edges of space. During its two-year trip, Barim met many new species and oversaw many instances of First Contact.

Once more, Barim became the ship's social focal point. He became more popular than the ship's Executive Officer, a sturdy Bolian named Virrel.

In his third year on the Horizon, he oversaw a diplomatic dispute by two Federation member-planets and was awarded a medal for his successful resolving of the situation. On a recommendation by his now good friend Mallory, Barim applied for Command School.

First Officer - best job in the universe

Upon his promotion to Commander, Barim was requested to come serve on the Horizon again - Commander Virrel had been offered his own command. Mallory and Barim were pleased to work together again on many missions.

Barim was now truly in his element. As First Officer, he was the point of reference for the entire crew - just as he liked it, only now officially. It look him very little time to get the crew of the Horizon running as he wanted it, because they simply enjoyed his leadership.

His experience as a counselor made him the perfect adviser to the Captain and with Jones' analytic approach, they made a good team. All was good - until Mallory decided it was time for his pupil to move on. Captain Jones suddenly announced that he was recommending for his own command. Mallory thought Barim had all the necessary qualities - leadership, knowledge of Starfleet, empathy and the ability to make any crew loyal to him.

Starfleet followed up on the recommendation and offered Barim the command of the diplomatic vessel USS Mandela. Barim refused. He was asked to explain himself to Starfleet Command, which he did. The end of the discussion was that Barim decided to take a leave of absence.

He spent a year with his foster father on Betazed - Engal was getting old and appreciated his adopted son taking care of him. Apparently, this period of rest was exactly what Barim had needed.

When Starfleet called on him again he did not refuse, but made it clear he did not want his own command, but instead asked for another tour as Executive Officer. Starfleet grudgingly agreed and assigned Barim to the USS Aeon on a tricky mission to the Neutral Zone.

Service Record 2365 - join Starfleet Medical
2372 - Graduated
2373 - Assigned to USS Thunderbolt as Assistent Counselor
2374 - Promoted to Chief Counselor
2375 - Assigned to USS Caprica as Chief Counselor
2375 - Return to Starfleet Academy as teacher, promoted to Lieutenant
2380 - Earns Ph.D in Psychology and Mental Health. Publishes paper on the effects and effective treatment of psychological combat trauma. Promotion to Lieutenant Commander.
2381 - Assigned to USS Horizon as Chief Counselor.
2383 - Signs up for Command School
2384 - Graduates, promotion to Commander
2384 - Returns to the Horizon as Executive Officer
2385 - Turns down his own command
2386 - Takes a sabbatical year on Betazed
2387 - Assigned to the USS Aeon as Executive Officer