Lieutenant Vanya Hudson-Riley


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Lieutenant Vanya Hudson-Riley

Name Vanya Hudson-Riley

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 6”
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description When out of uniform, anyone could be forgiven for mistaking Vanya for a cadet, not because of her attitude, but due to her genes maintaining an appearance of a woman ten years her junior. Not vain, but comfortable with minimal embellishment, Vanya wears little make-up. On duty her hair is typically restrained in a roll at her neck and her attire covered by her medical coat; she has been known to add spectacles for effect.


Spouse None
Children None
Father DocDr Conor Riley & Lieutenant James Hudson
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vanya is a very open person, a result both of her genetic make-up and being raised by two men in a committed relationship. She generally sees the best in people but if you are so unfortunate as to find your way into her bad books you are there forever.

While she takes her work seriously Vanya has been known to blur the boundaries between the personal and the professional and if there is a celebration involved she can usually be found at the centre of it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Certain combinations of chemicals can render the medication Vanya uses to keep her pheremones under control ineffective. SHe lacks to stoic nature necessary to forbid herself all but the known. Every now and then, because there is no exhaustive list of combinations that might cause the effect Vanya runs into trouble. At these times she quickly becomesfirst euphoric and then, if she is unable to recognise the symptoms and take steps, out of control. When the necessary tranquilisers and pheromone suppressants are applied recovery can take days causing her migraine and nausea. To those who don't understand the cause it appears as though it is her being excessive and suffering a hangover when in reality she is struggling with a severe allergic reaction.
Hobbies & Interests Ballet, Gymnastics, Tennis, Racquetball.

Personal History Found in the arms of a dead Orion woman in an extensive property on the New Brooklyn colony Vanya was named after the word engraved into a bracelet around her wrist. A tip-off prompted the owner of the establishment to abandon operations before the authorities arrived and in the evacuation the child, despite her value, was somehow missed.

The raid turned into a clean-up and among the team were Doctor Conor Riley and a security officer named James Hudson both serving on the USS Hyria. They applied to adopt the child they had rescued and on the first anniversary of her finding Vanya became an official member of the family.

Her early years were spent on starships which allowed Vanya to gain a taste for the variety of life and experience the universe had to offer. It was not until she reached puberty that the complications of having a developing Orion female on board a starship began to manifest themselves. Even a Galaxy class starship has a limited number of families with offspring of companiable age and whilst if she had been of another species the obvious preference that the boys showed her might have been put down to her beauty, it ignited an unpleasant rivalry with another girl that resulted in Vanya shirking her classes and avoiding her peers.

A difficult decision had to be made; previously Vanya had been an exemplary student but her grades and interpersonal relationships were suffering and Conor and James had no option but to ask her why.

After much discussion it was agreed that Vanya would apply to a planet based college where she would have a wider peer group, and be able to receive training to help her deal with her pheromones. The school they chose was popular among Starfleet families and while she was going to miss her parents, the twelve year old Vanya couldn’t wait until the USS Clarendon reached the Sol system so that she could say good riddance to her troubles and start over.

Her time at school was not without incident as early on the same interpersonal issues that had marred her time on the starship began again but this time there was a solution at hand. With an array of techniques ranging from meditation to medication Vanya began to assert control over her rampaging pheremones improving to a level where only the very susceptible were affected, except of course when Vanya was particularly tired or distracted.

The young Orion had long admired her father’s career path and a curiosity that had grown from sneaking into sickbay as a child became a real passion for Vanya as her studies increasingly drew her toward the study of Xenobiology and immunology along with the other subjects that would set her up for medical school. But Vanya was not one for all work and no play; though she had no affinity for team sports, finding it difficult to achieve the right level of camaraderie with her female peers, she became an accomplished player of several racquet sports as well as a poised and able dancer.

In 2372, just before her seventeenth birthday, Vanya entered medical training at the UCL Medical school in London following a typical six year program spent between days in the lecture theatre, shifts in the teaching hospitals, nights on the town and early hours of the morning stealing body parts from the mortuary for pranks. Despite her jam-packed lifestyle Vanya won a research fellowship and after graduation settled in to research and produce her paper on Interspecies viral mutation and transference, over the same three years she worked as a junior doctor in the university teaching hospital.

After so many years in one place Vanya was getting itchy feet and after a conversation with her father James, she decided that Starfleet might offer her the challenge she was looking for; after all she had grown up on a starship, and now she was in control of herself and widely acknowledged as an excellent medic and researcher she had something to offer. Her application to an advanced conversion program at Starfleet Medical was accepted, and the next two years were spend at the Academy learning the ins and outs of Starfleet whilst keeping up to date with medical advances.

Her first posting began in 2383 as a medical officer on the USS Solent. Her time there was largely uneventful but after a series of short-lived relationships Vanya began to realise that her pheromones were still trouble in the enclosed environment of a starship.

In 2385 she transferred to the USS Tamar as ACMO and after a few initial months of caution she settled into her old pattern.

Vanya transferred once again in 2389 to the USS Aeon as CMO – she considers this her last attempt at making her career on a starship; if it doesn’t work out she plans to go back into research.
Service Record Medical Training

2372-2378: Medical Student. University College London Medical School (UCL)
2378-2380: Research Fellow. Junior Doctor. UCL

Starfleet Record

2380-2382: Advanced Conversion Program. Starfleet Medical.
2383-2385:. USS Solent. Lieutenant (JG). Medical Officer
2385-2389: USS Tamar. Lieutenant. Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2389: USS Aeon. Chief Medical Officer.