Lieutenant Lucius Hawke


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Lieutenant Lucius Hawke

Name Lucius Gregory Hawke

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 182cm
Weight 80kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description He has an athletic build and works to keep himself in shape in order to fulfil his role of keeping the ship and her company safe. His face is one of somebody who has seen a lot in his career, a lot of pain, a lot of sadness, but also a lot of good.

He has a scar on his neck from a wound he sustained in 2374 while participating in a raid against a Cardassian outpost in Ch’torak. He almost died and the scar serves as a reminder of his own mortality.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Gregory Hawke (Deceased)
Mother Danica Hawke (Deceased)
Brother(s) Jonathan Hawke (Deceased)
Sister(s) Mia Hawke
Other Family James Hawke (Uncle)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucius has a strong moral compass and believes that a person should strive to do what is right and to resist injustice. He is also very much an ‘ends justify the means’ kind of person and will stop at nothing to achieve what he believes in.

Socially, he is generally quiet and is far more comfortable being in the shadows than the spotlight. That being said, he does enjoy meeting new people and talking with them, so he is no social hermit.

When on duty, he is focused on his work and doesn’t allow his mind to wander very far. He also has a dry wit, which he isn’t afraid to trot out even while on duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses He has an excellent tactical mind and vision in combat situations. His instincts are usually correct and has been seen by his superiors in the past as invaluable in combat situations.

His great weakness is his stubbornness. He can sometimes become so intently focused on something that he misses what is around him, even if it could be important to his objective.
Ambitions His only ambition is to do his part. He sees himself as being a part of a much greater machine and so has to do his bit to keep everything moving. Although he aims to reach as high as he can career-wise, he has no clear goal in mind for how that will look, preferring to keep his focus in the here and now than to dream of glory.
Hobbies & Interests He is a big fan of military history, dating back to ancient earth conflicts. He also studies the classic masters of strategy and tactics in order to improve his own skills. He is also fond of re-enacting battles on the holodeck and enjoys relaxing with friends an enjoying conversation with a cold beer.

Personal History Lucius was the second child of Gregory and Danica Hawke, born on the Federation colony of Silva II in 2348. His father was a lieutenant serving in the Starfleet Security detachment assigned to the colony.

His childhood was typical right up until 2370 when the planet was turned over to the Cardassian Union as a result of the Federation-Cardassian Treaty. There was widespread opposition to the treaty in the colony and seventeen year old Lucius joined with local Anti-Treaty Activist Groups in demonstrating against the planned relocation.

During this time, the Maquis was founded and Lucius found himself joining them. His father resigned his Starfleet commission and defected to the Maquis as well, becoming a cell leader. Lucius and his older brother, Jonathan, joined their father’s cell and became Maquis fighters.

The Federation called them terrorists. The Cardassians hunted them like animals. To Lucius and his family and friends, they were freedom fighters, fighting against a great injustice.

Lucius spent the next three years fighting for the Maquis, mostly in his father’s ship, the Dantes. He became an experienced soldier and demonstrated a natural talent at strategy and ship-to-ship combat. His father was very proud of him and his brother, who were both valued lieutenants in the cell.

In 2373, when the Cardassians joined the Dominion, Lucius’s fortunes turned sour. In an early attack by Jem’Hadar forces in the Goje System, the Dantes was crippled and just barely managed to make it to the Maquis colony on Marva IV. During the battle, Lucius’s brother Jonathan was killed and his father seriously wounded. Lucius commanded the Dantes back to Marva, where they scuttled the ship and the remaining crew returned to the surface.

The reunion with his mother and sister did not last long. The Jem’Hadar arrived at Marva IV a week later and launched a full scale invasion. The fighting was fierce, but futile. Lucius led a team of Maquis fighters in resisting, but their efforts were wasted. In the end, it was clear they had to try to get off world or be slaughtered by the merciless Jem’Hadar.

Gregory was stuck in a medical centre, the injuries he sustained at Goje making it impossible to get him out. Lucius’s mother refused to leave him, but insisted that he and his sister, Mia, try to get away. It was a gut wrenching moment as Lucius took his sister out of there, knowing that both of his parents were about to die.

He and Mia ran. They managed to get off-world and slipped past the Jem’Hadar ships in orbit. A week later, they were picked up by a Federation patrol and taken to Starbase 375, where Lucius was arrested. He was tried, but was acquitted due to a lack of evidence of any aggression against the Federation. During his time in the Dantes, he had only fought Cardassian and Dominion forces.

Afterwards, Lucius got in contact with his uncle, who was serving in Starfleet at the time as Executive Officer of the USS Trafalgar. James and his wife, Claire, agreed to look after Mia. Lucius, however, decided to enlist in Starfleet. He knew that war with the Dominion was inevitable and he wanted a chance at avenging the deaths of his family.

He quickly progressed through basic training and acquired certification as a Fire Control Specialist, his experience in the Dantes proving invaluable in this respect. In late 2374, with the Dominion War raging, he was posted with the rate of Crewman 1st Class (in recognition of his skills) to the USS Raven, a Defiant-class ship on the front lines of the war with the Dominion.

He served out the remainder of the war in the Raven, being twice promoted in recognition of service and receiving commendations for exceptional service in times of war. At the end of the war, he held the rate of Petty Officer 2nd Class and was transferred to the USS Marathon as a Tactical Specialist. The next decade of his career was spent in various ships, trying out different roles within the Security/Tactical Department until in 2383 he was offered a position in the Officer Candidate Program. He decided to take the chance and eighteen months later was commissioned as a Lieutenant (j.g).

The newly commissioned Lieutenant (J.G) Hawke demonstrating excellent leadership and technical skills in his postings. In 2388 he was selected for the Advanced Tactical Officers Course following his promotion to full lieutenant. Again, he jumped at the chance. After he successfully completed that course, he was assigned to the USS Aeon as Chief Security/Tactical Officer, his first assignment as the head of the department.
Service Record 2374 – 2374: Recruit, Starfleet Basic Training
2374 – 2375: Fire Control Specialist, USS Raven (CMN1)
2375 – 2375: Snr Fire Control Specialist, USS Raven (PO3)
2375 – 2376: Gunner’s Mate, USS Raven (PO2)
2376 – 2378: Tactical Specialist, USS Marathon (PO2)
2378 – 2379: Master-at-Arms’ Mate, USS Fearless (PO2)
2379 – 2381: Defensive Systems Specialist, USS Bellerophon (PO2)
2381 – 2382: Senior Defensive Systems Specialist, USS Bellerophon (PO1)
2382 – 2383: Master at Arms, USS Bellerophon (CPO)
2383 – 2384: Officer Candidate Program
2384 – 2385: Tactical Officer, USS Surprise (ENS)
2385 – 2386: Tactical Officer, USS Naiad (ENS)
2386 – 2388: Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Naiad (LTJG)
2388 – 2389: Advanced Tactical Officers Course (LT)
2389 – Pres: Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Aeon (LT)