Ensign Marla Kanso


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Ensign Marla Kanso

Name Marla Cass Kanso

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Kalan
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 90kg
Hair Color Cream, copper, brown (fur)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Standing 5'9" to the tops of her ears and physically unremarkable on Kalan, Marlas canine appearance turns heads outside her home world. Like many Kalans of North Province descent Marlas fur is a rich mix of cream, copper and brown. Her tail is her favorite feature, the long fur of which is a trait from her mother who died when Marla was born. A small chunk out of her left ear is the result of an early shuttle accident on her Grandmothers farm. Marla tries to keep her uniform as tidy as possible in an attempt to stand out less, which is hard when you’re the only ensign with fur.


Father Dr Sal Kanso (deceased)
Mother (deceased)
Other Family Grandmother: Cassie Kanso

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marlas friendly, no nonsense demeanor arose from an adolescence spent working on her Grandmothers farm. Being the only Kalan in her graduating class at Starfleet Academy she is used to turning heads although she wish she didn’t. Marla tries hard to be social and make friends, and cares deeply for her family.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Ambitions To create a name for herself on Kalan for her skills as a pilot rather than being known as the daughter of a warp engine pioneer.
Hobbies & Interests Marla has an interest in botany, art and Kalan history. She enjoys swimming. When at home she relaxes by renovating her grandmothers shuttlecraft, the Belle.

Personal History Raised by her father in the bustling metropolis of Ranad, Marla spent her early years watching shuttles buzz past the window by her bed. Dr Kanso was a scientist working on the warp drive project. Although his designs were successful Dr Kanso never saw the ship he helped create as he was killed in a terrorist attack on the warp research center. Marla was six at time of her fathers death. She was sent to live with her Grandmother, Cassie Kanso, on a remote island of northern province.

The young Marla adjusted to island farm life. There was none of the excitement of the city and the farm hours were hard. She often had to catch up with schoolwork late at night because the farm work took up so much of the day. There was something that made up for all of that though; the Belle, an elderly shuttle Cassie Kanso used as an island hopper. Away from the strict flying regulations of the city Marla was free to learn to fly as soon as soon as she was tall enough to reach the controls, and soon she was moving cargo and animals for her small island community on a daily basis. Flying and maintaining Belle became a passion. When Kalan became a member of the Federation and Starfleet Academy was open to Kalan applicants, Marla knew she wanted to become the first Kalan to fly a ship in Starfleet.

After failing the entrance exam on her first attempt, Marla passed on her second try and began her studies at Starfleet Academy, majoring in Astrophysics. Marla found it difficult being the only Kalan at the academy and found it hard to make friends. Her canine appearance made her stand out and was often the butt of some cruel dog jokes. She struggled with the intensely academic environment and almost gave up but finally getting behind the controls of a shuttle changed her mind. Flying in the harsh conditions of her homeworlds Northern Province since childhood had left her with an intuitive and self confident flying style that impressed her tutors. Marlas written papers scraped Cs but her practical piloting grades were, by a wide margin, the best in her class. On one training mission Marlas skill at the helm turned what could have been a tragic loss of life into a great anecdote about landing a shuttle with one nacelle and no inertial dampeners.

Despite her underwhelming final grades, Marla received a letter of commendation from her piloting professor stating that “Although Cadet Kanso may fail to grasp the deeper mathematical intricacies of thermonuclear reactions in supernova shock waves, no ship in the fleet is safer if hit by one than a ship with her at the helm.”
Service Record Graduated from the academy and assigned to the USS Aeon.