Lieutenant Commander Cheldu Ch'Dra


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Lieutenant Commander Cheldu Ch'Dra

Name Cheldu Ch'Dra

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 160 pounds
Hair Color Platinum/Grey
Eye Color Stale Blue
Physical Description With his darkblue skin and greyish hair Cheldu looks like your everyday elderly Thallassan Andorian.
To the observant eye it's clear how the years have tempered his passionate and violent nature somewhat, which greatly helps in his new career.
His overall appearance and the way he moves all reflect his respectful and disciplined demeanor.
On his left Antenna he wears a subtle silvery ring.


Spouse Rilneven
Children Thlanu
Father Grela
Mother Igrilan
Brother(s) K'ris
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cheldu's fullname is "Schla'hlast Shurden Thezuree Cor'sele K'ris Shlasa Amaakra Cheldu Andara" of the Dra Kethi.

which freely translated means: the child of hope, the golden promiss, who will be thrilled to engage the enemy and be the weapon against pain and horor and will recover the universe with his healing touch.
Strengths & Weaknesses Can lose himself in his work. (both positive and negative)
Can respond strongly emotional
Ambitions Wants to design ships that reflect the strength of the Andorians
Hobbies & Interests Kackek, piloting fighters

Personal History Cheldu was born on Olith into a quad of engineers, his father worked at the shipyard and as a child he was already fascinated by starships.
From very young he would sneak into the shipyard and assist his father, learning all that he could from him.
His parents always encouraged him in this interest and gave him book after book about all aspects of engineering.

All of his childhood and adolescence there were only a few things that held Cheldu's interest. Engineering, Kachek, and melee combat.

Cheldu was especially fond of fighting with the chaka. And over the years he became quite skilled. He played Kackek for many years at a semi professional level together with his older brother K'ris and his best friend Ohlasa. They were pretty much inseparable as children.

For his 16th birthday he got a tishratin class fighter that was decommisioned because it was deemed too old and beyond repairs.From that moment on he worked every spare moment repairing and upgrading the fighter.

Ohlasa was always more interested in science so his contribution was mostly about what new idea's and systems Cheldu should add to the fighter. But every now and then he would also help with the repairs.

In fact most help on the fighter came from Rilneven, the daughter of one of the other quads in the lodge their family was a part of.
She was a couple of years younger, but she was a real grease-monkey.
Over the years their feelings for each other grew stronger and stronger working for hours every day on the fighter.

When Cheldu was 19 they decided to get married but of course they had to find another couple first to form a quad.So they couldn't have been more happy when Ohlasa and Olara seemed to hit it off.
Olara was Rilneven's closest friend since she was three.

Two years later they got married. They decided to form a new lodge but they stayed on Olith where Cheldu got offered a position as engineer as soon as he graduated. He soon became part of a team of researchers and developers who were working on a new class Andorian ship, the Altira class.

He had the time of his life, enjoying every second of his work. And in his spare time he would continue working on his fighter.
It were happy years. Their lodge soon started growing. A couple of other quads joined them, and they had 2 children, first a boy named Thlanu and later a girl they named Shlas.

When he was 25 the moment finally arrived. The fighter was ready for it's first test flight. From that moment he got a new hobby. Flying. He loved it. He couldn't believe it. All his life he had build starships, but he had never thought about flying them.

From that time on it started to gnaw at him. Hardly distinquisable at first, but it grew stronger and stronger over the years. This desire to fly, and to explore space. Cheldu and Rilneven would often talk about it, and eventually decided they would join Starfleet. But not until their children would be of age.

Just after he had turned 41 it would finally happen. At first he feared Starfleet would not accept them, since they weren't the youngest. But it seemed that Starfleet was quite impressed with the work Cheldu had delivered working at the Olith Shipyards and they were more than happy to accept him. Rilneven decided that although she had always loved engineering too, it was time for her to try something new. So as Cheldu was working his way through the Academy, she was taking up arts. Painting and sculpting were soon her new passions.

At age 45 Cheldu graduated fromt he academy. He and his wife had missed the companionship of a lodge while they were in San Fransisco, so when they started looking for a vessel Cheldu could serve on, they were specifically looking for ships with other Andorians on board.

His first commission was aboard the USS Cochrane, a small science vessel with many Andorians on board. Cheldu used all his spare time to continue learning all about Federation ships and systems, as he had on the Academy to broaden his expertise.

A year later Starfleet asked him to consider a commision aboard the USS Aeon.
Cheldu gladly accepted this new commission.
Service Record 2780 Starfleet Academy
2784 Graduated from the Academy
2784 Ensign engineer aboard the USS Cochrane
2786 USS Aeon