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Ensign Castor Navin

Name Castor Navin

Position Counselor

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85 meters
Weight 80 kg in standard earth gravity
Hair Color Brown going on grey
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Castor Navin has a lean yet muscular physique, usually hidden by his uniform. Even though he is, by his own admission, getting somewhat old, he stays in shape. His piercing grey eyes can confer both understanding and compassion, as well as inspire dread. A stubbly, short, greying beard lines his mouth, both looking unkempt as well as 'just neat enough' at the same time. According to some it lends him a sort of devilish charm, according to others it looks like something usually only seen on a professional drunk.
His complete left arm, including a large part of the left shoulder, are completely bio-synthetic; a prosthetic limb that replaced his own after a combat related injury in 2387. A large scar is still visible where the synthetic limb meets real flesh. Castor has refused to have it removed saying it is a reminder to "The time before, the time during and hopefully the time after."


Spouse None
Children None
Father William Navin (desceased)
Mother Suzan Navin
Brother(s) Jonathan Navin (reported MIA over five years ago)
Sister(s) Zoe Navin
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Castor is a private person, which mostly leads back to his 'classified' past. Don't talk and you won't say anything that you shouldn't. That doesn't mean Castor can't hold a conversation, nor that he never talks about himself. He is just very careful in what he says.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Analytical
+ Natural outward calm and authority
+ Still in good shape despite his age
+ Excellent combat training and experience
- Post traumatic stress syndrome, making him a liability any combat situation
- Not yet comfortable in his new job
- Guilty conscience
Ambitions Castor doesn't have any ambitions per-se. He is suffering from a guilty conscience he would like to clear.
Hobbies & Interests - Reading
- Old '2d' movies

Personal History Castor Navin was born in what many will call the hart of Starfleet; San Francisco, earth. Brought up in a middle class house, father a Marine, mother a small bistro owner, Castor had a relatively uneventful childhood for the most part. Arguably the largest event in Castor's, and his younger brother Jonathan's, childhood was the death of their father William when Castro was 13 years old. Unlike what many would believe when looking at William's occupation, it was not a combat related death but a traffic accident that ended William's life.

While a shocking incident, one that would shape the rest of the boys futures, their lives didn't change that much. The bistro was doing well enough to provide a comfortable income, especially with the support their father's marine friends gave the broken family. Almost every week there was at least one Marine buddy visiting the Navin residency. It was therefore not surprising that Castor and Jonathan eventually decided to join the Marine corps as well, having already experienced some of the camaraderie and loyalty such an institution breeds among its members.

Castor enlisted in 2356, at age 19, Jonathan enlisted two years later, at age 18. Castor's bootcamp experience was as eventful as just about any of the young men who go through such an experience, so his story has been told many times already. Needless to say, he emerged a Private and was shipped off to various warzones and hotspots in the following years. Serving tours of duties on ships, spacestations and planets. Most of his missions with the marines are still classified, but his unit saw plenty of action and there were a lot of opportunities for Castor to prove himself, which he did.

When the Dominion war started in 2373 Castor was 36 and a full-fledged marine first lieutenant. Again, most of Castor's exploits are classified, though it is generally believed he participated in several boarding actions and was on DS9 when it was evacuated, and later when it was retaken. He was also reported to be among the troops taking the Chin'toka system, the first planet taken in the counteroffensive into Cardassian space. The fighting on Chin'toka was long and brutal and for a long time was a stalemate. When they were eventually forced off by the Breen who had recently entered the conflict on the side of the Dominion, Castor had lost many friends. In the final stages of the Dominion war Castor fought on the Ground on Cardassia Prime, working along with the Cardassian resistance, Klingons and Romulans in wresting control of the planet from Dominion forces. Shortly after the official secession of hostilities, in the beginning of 2376, Castor was promoted to the rank of marine Captain.

After the war Castor's record becomes even more classified. Speculation has it he was assigned to lead a 'wet work' team for Starfleet Intelligence (who, naturally, will deny any such unit even exists).

In 2387, now holding the rank of Major, and recently turned 50 years old, Castor's life took an unexpected turn. He was on Secuna IV, presumably on a mission considering the heavy presence of the Orion Syndicate on that planet. He commanding his unit from a field-base when he was gravely injured by an explosion. Official reports say it was a gas explosion, eye witnesses claim to have heard gunfire and the medical report lists 'blast trauma experienced due to combat related activities'. Of the reports the last seems the most likely. One thing was unmistakably true, because of the blast Castor had lost his entire left arm and part of his shoulder.

Because of his rank and profession he got the best medical care and was fitted with a replacement biosynthetic limb. It was not so much the physical trauma that had hurt the man though, it was the psychological trauma that almost ended Castor's life. During his recovery and rehabilitation process he had a lot of time to think on his life and his actions within it. The countless acts of violence, of death and mutilation, both suffered and caused by him and his friends and colleagues surged out from the repressed depths of his mind. Castor eventually was diagnosed with a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder.

In the year that followed he was not only treated for his physical injuries but for his mental injuries as well. Lengthy talks with both psychiatrists and counselors eventually brought him back to the 'functioning' path, having taught him how to deal with his fears and anxieties. However it was clear to all that he should not return to a life as a marine. Castor had lived is life among the stars though, and he could not give that up. Being thankful to all the individuals who had helped him put his life back together he wanted to repay society in a likewise, non-violent fashion. Almost another full year of reeducation followed, but when he was done he was an official counselor in Starfleet.

Due to his inexperience in his newly chosen profession as counselor and his psychological record he was demoted to ensign, which was quite a severe demotion, considering he used to be the equivalent of a lieutenant commander. Castor never considered this a problem though. He was back among the stars, and this time he would be healing minds instead of destroying them. In 2389 he got his first starship assignment as counselor on the Luna class vessel USS Aeon.
Service Record [to be filled asap]