Captain's Log: Stardate 66532.9


Posted on Fri Jan 11th, 2013 @ 2:13pm by Captain Estrad Dagan

Captain's Log, Stardate 66532.9.

The USS Aeon has been assigned it's first mission; to escort Commodore Bel Moroi to Starbase 244, where we will then be stationed in Starfleet's efforts to build a defensive force against any Romulan incursion.

I have to say, seeing my former commanding officer made Commodore and placed in command of the fleet along the edge of the neutral zone came as somewhat of a surprise. Not a bad one, by any means; but I just hadn't expected to see him again for some time. Still, it will be good to have him along, his experience will be invaluable.

My new crew is handling things well. A few shaky starts here and there but nothing that couldn't be handled. We're due to depart 1000 hours Saturday morning and I believe we are almost ready for that. With this ship being new off the block there might be a few issues here and there that need sorting, but I'm sure we can solve them en-route, with anything major being dealt with on arrival.

I look forward to our departure with earnest.

End Log.