USS Aeon - Prologue - First Command Meeting

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Posted on Thu Oct 11th, 2012 @ 12:09pm by Lieutenant Alexandria Munro & Captain Estrad Dagan

Mission: USS Aeon - Prologue
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD0

Captain Estrad Dagan sat back in his chair and took another sip of his juice. PADDs lay strewn across his desk, listing outstanding work items, crew personnel files and reports on local sector activity.

As one of the first of the senior crew on board, he was expecting the first meeting with his first officer in the next hour or so, and he wanted to make sure he was prepared with current ship activity, so he could discuss that with her.

Leaning forward, he put down his juice and began to organise the PADDs into piles on his desk. He was promptly interrupted by the doorchime. His eyes turned towards the door, his hands still over a pile of PADDs on his desk.

"Come!" he called, giving the door permission to open for his guest. Happy that the PADD pile wasn't going to fall over, he leaned back again to see who it was.

The doors hissed open, revealing an attractive, confident looking woman. For Federation standards she looked to be in her early thirties, though she was probably nearer to forty. Her long, blonde hair neatly tied up in a knot: clearly so she would have no hinder of it during her duties.

"Good morning," the woman greeted Estrad courtly. "Commander Alexandria Munro, reporting for duty."

"Commander!" Estrad beamed, leaning over the desk to offer his hand. "Welcome aboard."

He motioned to the chair opposite.

Alexandria shook her new Captain's hand and sat down.

"So, Commander," Estrad continued, "it seems you have quite a record. I'm quite pleased Starfleet has provided me with someone of your caliber. Do you feel you are ready for such a posting?" he asked, more interested in hearing how she responded. He knew she was more then ready.

"We'll have to see," said Alexandria, arching her shoulders a bit in an awkward gesture of modesty. No matter how famous she might have become, she still didn't like people emphasising the fact. Maybe that's how all famous people really felt, she thought.

"I do feel ready," she added. "I've passed the Command Course."

Estrad nodded. "Yes, under the recommendation of Captain Picard himself, no less," he smiled. "But as I'm sure you understand, the command course only prepares you, it is not representative of actual command."

He leaned forward to emphasis his next point. "I personally have full faith in your command abilities, Commander. With a record as you have, you have the experience and knowledge to succeed in this role. But managing a starship with hundreds of people is a little different to managing a small, tight-knit group of well trained officers in an elite force, so I just wanted to know where you were with regards to that process. If I can help with that, though, feel free to come and talk with me."

"Thank you, sir," replied Alexandria formally. "I certainly appreciate the difference between commanding a ship and commanding a small unit. As I'm sure you've read in my file, though, I have been involved in managing the Security department on the [i]Enterprise[/i]."

She folded her arms in her lap, not quite sure what else to say.

"Right!" Estrad smiled sheepishly. "Sorry for the tangent. Let's get back to business..." he picked up a PADD from the top of the pile he had just made and handed it to her. "I assume you've read the current outstanding jobs before we launch at the end of this week?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," Alexandria replied, again more stiff than she really wanted to appear. She felt tense and uncomfortable and hated herself for it. Even though, at the same time, she realized it was probably normal for a person in her position to feel as she did now. Except for Tuvok, she thought, recalling her old CO.

"Personnel is arriving as we speak," she said to Estrad. "I believe I've been able to get a good grasp of the files of the officers Starfleet has assigned to our senior staff. I'm still reading up on the junior officers, but I expect to be finished before we are slated to depart. Then there is the prelaunch sequence, supplies and a full systems check. Even without most of our senior staff, all this is going on schedule - a sign that we have a crew that can handle themselves."

"Indeed it does," Estrad replied. "I have high hopes for this mission. Now, I'll want all senior officers to report to you when they come aboard. Brief them on their outstanding tasks and answer any questions they may have. I'll want requisition orders by 1200 on Thursday so we can get that loaded in before our departure, my deadline is that evening so it'll be good to be early.

"Have our Chief Engineer do the full systems check. Oh, and I want you to personally oversee that all crew are accounted for come Thursday evening. We'll have a senior officers briefing Friday 0900, and we launch Saturday at 1000 hours. Everything that's needed is on the PADD I just gave you. Any questions so far?"

"None, sir. You can count on me."

"Excellent," Estrad acknowledged, and looked over another PADD that was on his desk before continuing. "I'll be sorting through this mess for the remainder of today, then my next two days are full of various meetings with members of Starfleet Command. I have a meeting down there tomorrow at 1100 hours, Admiral Hockson will be informing us of our maiden mission. Would you be able to join me?" he turned back to Alexandria as he asked.

She smiled. "Do I have a choice, sir?"

"Erm..." Estrad blinked, a little taken aback by the question, but he quickly recovered, and smiled back. "Actually, Commander, you do. This is a request rather than an order. If you feel your time is more useful on the ship, please do say so; I understand we have a lot to do in very little time. However, if you can attend, you will be able to hear our new orders firsthand."

"I would very much like to attend, Captain," said Alexandria. She actually did: she wanted to get as much experience with the upper echelons as she could: she felt she was probably going to need personal favours from up high in the future.

"Excellent," Estrad dropped the PADD back onto his desk. "I will send you the relevant meeting invitation shortly. Now, is there anything you would like to bring to my attention?"

"No, sir."

"Right then," Estrad stood, and held out his hand to his XO. "I look forward to working with you, Commander. Keep me informed of your progress."

Alexandria stood up, shook Estrad's hand and nodded in affirmation. "Of course, Captain. I'll see you tomorrow, then." With that, she exited the ready room.

Estrad Dagan sat back down again, glanced over his PADDs, and sighed. Even with the meeting with his XO out of the way, the amount of work that laid before him in preparation for launch was rather daunting, not to mention he had to be sorted before the end of the day, as his next couple of days were full.

Taking another swig from his juice, he picked up another PADD and got back to work.


Captain Estrad Dagan
Commanding Officer

Commander Alexandria Munro
Executive Officer


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