USS Aeon - Prologue - Andorians soothed

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Posted on Mon Jan 7th, 2013 @ 12:35pm by Captain Estrad Dagan & Lieutenant Commander Cheldu Ch'Dra

Mission: USS Aeon - Prologue
Location: Captains Office

Cheldu couldn't shake the nasty encounter with Munro from yesterday. The idea of being separated from his quad make him nauseous.
So he went over to find the Captain, hoping to clear this up as soon as possible. Munro had just started a round of the ship, probably hoping to find another hapless victim to cause trouble with. In any case, this was his shot for a nice uninterrupted conversation with the Captain.

He walked over to the Captains Office and chimed the bell.

Estrad was sitting back in his chair with a mug of hot chocolate in his hand. He had spent the morning catching up on reports on the goings on while he had been off ship in two days of almost continuous Starfleet meetings. Having had a good nights sleep last night, he was back on his feet and looking forward to the final preparations for departure.

He leaned forward and placed the mug on his desk when he heard the bell chime. "Come!" he called, eager to meet his first visitor of the day, and perhaps drag him away from these reports.

Cheldu entered quickly taking in his surroundings. The Captain seemed relaxed and in a good mood. Excellent.
"Good morning Captain," he started. "A pleasure to meet you. I'm your new Chief Engineer." he extended his hand towards the Captain.

"A pleasure indeed, Commander," Estrad stood smiling, and shook Cheldu's outstretched hand, before motioning to the seat in front of the desk. "Please, take a seat. Can I get you a drink of something?" he asked.

"No thank you Captain," Cheldu replied.

"Good, good," Estrad nodded, and sat back down again. He looked knowingly at his new Chief. "And? How is the Aeon?" he asked. "Did she startup all right?"

For a second he was tempted to bring up the run in with Munro over the warpcore startup, but decided against it.
"She's a fine ship, Captain. Aside from some minor tweaks we're good to go."
"That's not what I came to talk about though, Sir. If you don't mind me getting straight to the point?"

Estrad leaned back and stretched a little in his chair, as if preparing himself for whatever his Chief had to say. "Of course, Commander. What's on your mind?" he asked, looking thoughtfully over at Cheldu while crossing his hands together and settling them along his front.

"Well," Cheldu started. "How do I say this delicately. When we had just arrived we got far from a warm welcome from the XO.
As part of my accepting this position I insisted the other members of my quad could be stationed on the Aeon as well. This was all approved by the brass. However Munro started raving about this not being a family ship, saying they had to stay behind at the station. You can understand how this reacting was quite upsetting to my family"

Estrad sighed softly. "My apologies, Commander, for your lack of a warm welcome on-board, but I can assure you that it's only due to Starfleet being a little... scrambled at the moment. Given what the Federation has been through, I'm sure you can understand that Starfleet Command is a little unorganised.

"Now," Estrad leaned forward and picked out a PADD from a neat pile to his left before continuing, "with regards to your quad. I have spent the last two days in various meetings, with a long talk over this very subject. Commander Munro was correct that Starfleet Command has recalled General Order 27 on-board this vessel due to the nature of the area we are going into and our proximity to Starbase 244, despite this being a long-range exploratory vessel.

"However, they have also been giving out exceptions, and you do happen to be one of them."

Estrad held the PADD he was holding out for Cheldu to take. "Here is a PADD with the order that permits your family on board the Aeon, on the single provision that you are not allowed children on-board."

"Thank you Captain," Cheldu replied with an sigh of relief. "And you don't have to worry about childeren. All our children are of age and have left our home. This is like a second career for us if you will. This brings me to my next point however. As I tried to tell the Commander, I have my job. Ohlasa is stationed as scientist here. My wife is an artist, well capable of filling her days. But Olara would like to make herself useful as well on the ship in some capacity."

"With your permission, she would like to open a little bistro. Serving drinks and fresh food as a welcome alternative to the replicator."

"Sounds lovely, Commander," Estrad smiled at Cheldu. What a nice idea! "Where were you thinking of opening? Did you want to open up a kitchen at the back of Seven Forward, or did you want your own little space?"

"Anywhere will do really," Cheldu replied. He was pleasantly surprised by the Captains enthusiastic response. "In or near the mess hall might be most practical I suppose"

Estrad nodded thoughtfully, memories from the 30 years he served on board Starbase 14 going through his mind. He'd help setup many different shops on the promenade as engineer, and then managed many more as commander.

"Very good," he said, "you have my permission to proceed. There should be some space near the back of Seven Forward; a storage bay, if my memory serves me well. Get ops to empty it out and then get a team to setup a kitchen in its place. Make sure you follow all necessary safety protocols. And you'll also need to put a door in to the back of Seven Forward."

"Of course sir, and Thank you sir."

"Oh and Commander, make sure this is a low priority for now. We need a working starship before a working bistro," Estrad noted.

Cheldu nodded. "That goes without saying sir."
Strengthened in his resolve by the Captains leniency decided to carefully bring up the fighter.

"One more thing sir. If I may be so bold."

Estrad nodded and took a sip from his drink.

"I have an old tishratin fighter we've been working on for years as sort of a pet project. If we could spare room for it. I would very much like it if we could take it with us. She's only about as big as a standard runabout"

"A tishratin fighter, huh," Estrad mused thoughtfully. "Know of them well, but in all my years I've never actually seen one. I personally think it would be helpful to have a fighter on board; it would definitely come in useful in certain scenario's.

"Unfortunately," Estrad continued, leaning back in his chair as he did, "protocol demands we get it approved with the brass first, as it's not Starfleet standard issue. If you can fill in a requisition form with as much detail as you can I'll get that passed up and we'll see what they say."

"As a matter of fact. I have a requisition form already filled out right here," Cheldu replied as he quickly browsed to a pile of PaDD's on his desk. "Here you go, Sir."

Estrad took the PaDD and glanced through it. "Thank you, Commander. I'll get that passed on. Now, is there anything else on your mind?" he asked, eager to clear the list of things his Chief Engineer had to discuss with him.

Cheldu smiled. His mood was lifted by the conversation with the Captain and his worries were eased. "No Sir, that was all. Thank you very much for your time. Many thanks from me and my family."

Estrad smiled. "Of course, Commander. I'll let you get back to your duties. Dismissed."

Cheldu nodded and headed back to Engineering. There was still much to be done.


Captain Estrad Dagan
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Cheldu Ch'Dra
Chief Engineering Officer


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