Episode 1.1: Sidetracked - Time to Talk

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Posted on Tue Feb 5th, 2013 @ 4:19pm by Captain Estrad Dagan & Ensign Lyra Sapescal & Lieutenant Alexandria Munro & Lieutenant Commander Cheldu Ch'Dra & Ensign Castor Navin & Commodore Bel Moroi & Ensign Ohlasa

Mission: Episode 1.1: Sidetracked
Location: Deck 1

Captain Estrad Dagan strode into the observation lounge a good twenty minutes early for the meeting.

"Lights!" he called, and the darkness of the lounge lit up to reveal the long elongated table, ready to use. It still looked a bit bare for his liking, giving that they were to be discussing important things as a first time he wanted to give a good first impression.

Walking back onto the bridge, he called to a crewman working on one of the rear displays. "Crewman, in my ready room please."

The crewman looked like a deer caught in headlights as he followed his Captain down into the ready room, wondering what it could be that had caused the Captain to move his attention onto him.

A minute later, the Captain and crewman emerged carrying trays; on one was perched a jug filled with water and some glasses, and on the other a selection of small plates filled with dry snacks. These all went onto the centre of the observation table, looking quite small in comparison to the table; but Estrad was pleased that at least his senior staff will feel a little more relaxed on their first full meeting.

After the glasses had been placed around the table, and the plates spread across the centre of the table, Estrad dismissed the crewman, who looked extremely relieved to be able to go back to his duties, two trays carried under one arm. Estrad then settled into a chair at the head of the table, and waited for the first arrivals.

Not much later, still very much early, Alexandria came in. She was carrying a PaDD, holding it like a personal notebook (but it was most likely filled with strictly business).

"Captain," she said. She sounded surprised. "I thought I'd be the first one in."

"Almost the first," Estrad smiled. "And still nice and early. How are things, Commander? I know we haven't had much time to catch up over the last few days."

"Oh, err... good, sir. Very good. Yourself?"

Before Estrad could very well answer, Bel swooped into the room. He seemed overly relaxed in his posture, as if off-duty. His uniform looked crisp and his beard had just been groomed, from the looks of it.

"Good morning!" he said cheerily. He nodded to them both, though from the look he gave Alexandria, she felt he might as well have kissed on her on the cheek. She shivered at the thought.

"Good morning, Commodore," Estrad smiled, not visibly noticing the interaction between Bel and his first officer. "Please, take a seat and help yourself to some water."

Upon which cast a gaze at the table, looked disturbed and exited the room promptly. He came back with a steaming cup of coffee, giving Estrad a look that said something like: "Water? Please." He then sat down on the chair left of Estrad, leaving the right-hand side to Alexandria.

Cheldu straightened his shirt, brushed of a few specks of dust and walked into the conference room. He greeted the Commodore, Captain and the First Officer, placed a stack of PaDDs on the table and sat down.

"Welcome, Chief," said Alexandria. She felt awkward around the Andorian, especially since their introduction had been difficult, to say the least. She hoped Cheldu would start putting a little more effort into fitting in.

Sapescal and Vutek were next in, almost at the same time; greeting those present as they entered and quickly taking a seat.

Castor walked in 5 minutes before the start of the meeting, feeling about 4 minutes 30 seconds early. He also felt distinctly PaDD-less, seeing Commander Munro with her PaDD and the stack build up in front of Cheldu. Not really feeling thirsty he grabbed a glass of water anyway, just to keep his hands busy, and sat down at the table.

Ohlasa entered right behind Castor, feeling very uncomfortable and out of place. He wasn't really sure why the Captain had asked him to attend this meeting. He greeted all the people on the room and sat down in one of the empty chairs. He was tempted to sit next to Cheldu, but decided against it.

Morio was the last one to arrive, just on time. He looked a little flustered as he saw the remainder of the crew waiting for him. "Apologies, Captain," he said as as he quickly took a seat.

"Excellent, we're all here," Estrad smiled round the table. "Let's get started then. Commander," he turned to Alexandria. "Could you bring us up to date on our current ship status?"

Alexandria sat up in her chair and coughed softly. "Yes, sir. I'm very pleased to report that the ship is prepped and ready for launch. Everything is running smoothly. Would you care to shed some further light on that, Commander Cheldu?"

"All systems are green across the board, Captain. Of course we'll be tweaking the ship for weeks before everything is optimal. They are beaming in extra spare parts I requested, as we speak. After that we are good to go as far as I'm concerned."

Alexandria nodded, visibly pleased.

"Excellent," Estrad acknowledged. "As we won't be going on an official shakedown cruise, I want you to use our first assignment tweaking as you feel we need it. I'm sure the ship will appreciate your handiwork, Commander," Estrad finished with a smile in Cheldu's direction.

"You got it Captain," Cheldu replied with a sparkle is his eyes.

"Right, as for our first assignment... we have been assigned to Starbase 244 along the Romulan neutral zone in order that Starfleet may utilise our extensive sensor suite. It's not particularly scientific, but it is where Starfleet needs us, unfortunately. In addition, we will be escorting Commodore Bel Moroi," Estrad motioned in Bel's direction, "who will be taking over fleet command of the sector on arrival. Departure, as you should all be aware, is scheduled for 1000 hours tomorrow.

"Now, I want to use the opportunity this trip offers as an impromptu shakedown cruise nonetheless. It's a time to ease out the issues we may have and cement as a crew. Lieutenant Vutek, I want you to run security drills; make sure your department knows what to do in a crisis. We will also be aiming to do a tactical test en-route, so get prepared for that."

"Aye, Captain," Vutek responded.

"Ensign Ohlasa, I want you to locate an appropriate tactical site en-route, something off the beaten track where we can fry some rather harmless rocks. Let Commander Munro know the options we have."

"Ehm, yes Sir. Ofcourse," Ohlasa stammered.

"Lieutenant Morio, Ensign Navin; I want you two to ensure we have up-to-date medical records of all crew on board. Please arrange for any physicals or evaluations as you think are required."

"Aye, sir," Morio replied.

Castor nodded his assent. He would upload the latest updates on medical files to the ship an hour before leaving. while he did not expect many changes, he thought it prudent to leave with the most up to date files.

As for the matter of psych evaluations, he had decided he would just have an open door policy for now, not enforcing the mandatory evaluations too much. He'd rather communicate with the crew in a unforced manner to really get to know them, than to wring even the tiniest piece of information out of them by force.

"Good. Any questions?"

Alexandria caught herself bracing for another one of Moroi's jokes, but the Betazoid remained eerily quiet. She shrugged inside: maybe he did have some decency, deep inside of him.

Bel noticed Alexandria casting less-than-favorable looks his way, but he restrained himself from either commenting on them, or probing her mind subtly for hints as to her intentions. This was Estrad's ship, he reminded himself. Try and behave yourself.

Castor cleared his throat, eager to ask the question that had been bothering him since his meeting with Munro. "Captain, in addition to using our extensive sensor suite to scan the neutral zone, how large do you estimate the chance that we will be called into a combat situation?"

Estrad sighed thoughtfully. "I'm told we're to simply be the eyes and ears of the Federation fleet more then actually engage in any way with the Romulan's," he replied. "The intelligence we have indicates that the Romulan's are too busy dealing with their internal politics to bother too much with us at the present time.

"That being said... we are dealing with the Romulan empire here, a now fractured empire who may well blame us for failing to prevent the destruction of their home system, although they haven't openly made that claim. In fact, they haven't openly said anything; they've gone deathly quiet, which is partly why Starfleet is so worried.

"So, I can't personally rule out the possibility of combat occurring. But even if it does, we're a science vessel, so I think we'll only really engage if things really turn south, and let's hope it doesn't get that far."

Alexandria sniffed valiantly, as if asserting her past as a combat veteran. "If push does come to shove, we'll be ready," she said.

Estrad leaned forward and took a drink of water from his glass. "Does that answer your question, Ensign?" he asked.

Castor nodded in confirmation, relaxing his hands which he had unconsciously clenched into fists.

"Any other questions?" Estrad asked. When no one answered, he nodded and continued. "Very good. Let's get this show on the road. Dismissed."

He sat and watched calmly as the crew filed out, before following them out to find someone to help him clear the table.


Captain Estrad Dagan
Commanding Officer

Commander Alexandria Munro
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Commander Cheldu Ch'Dra
Chief Engineering Officer

Ensign Castor Navin

Commodore Bel Moroi (NPC)

Lieutenant JG Vutek (NPC)
Chief Security / Tactical Officer

Lieutenant JG Anjohl Morio (NPC)
Chief Medical Officer

Ensign Lyra Sapescal (NPC)
Chief Operations Officer

Ensign Ohlasa (NPC)
Acting Chief Science Officer


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