Episode 1.1: Sidetracked - Operation last sundown - Part 1

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Posted on Mon Jan 21st, 2013 @ 11:17pm by Ensign Castor Navin
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Mission: Episode 1.1: Sidetracked
Location: Classified
Timeline: 2376 (13 years ago)

Operation last sundown
13 years ago...

The drizzle made the city look like it was wrapped in shrink-wrap. Dirt wrapped in shrink-wrap to be precise. The water reflected the cities few streetlights off of every wet surface, casting white light on the grime on the streets and the anti-Federation graffiti on the walls. Apart from the rain making soft ticking noises on various surfaces the city was quiet, as quiet as you would expect a city under curfew would be.

The light of matter being transported briefly illuminated the cracked walls of a hidden alleyway, frightening rodents feasting on the garbage. Once the light of the transporter-beam had died out the trio of individuals became invisible again, their matt black jumpsuits blending into the shadows. Even in broad daylight they would have been unrecognizable. Their insignia left behind, face covered in a black mask and each carrying a pack with objects that could have been found on any civilized planet. The only thing that could be said of them was that one of them seemed female and that one was carrying a second larger sack on his back, strapped tightly to him to prevent shifting.

The biggest of the three spoke: "Emi, take point," The female nodded and moved to end of the alley, carefully peaking around the edge, making sure the street was as empty as their sensors had shown. The big one spoke again, gesturing to the man with the second package. "Castor, you're in the middle, I'll take rearguard." Castor nodded curtly, checked all his gear was secure and moved to follow Emi, careful to not to disturb anything that could make a sound. Troy inwardly shook his head, the newbie was eager to prove himself after a year of additional training. Castor might be a captain in the marines, in this team he was as green as they came. Still, Troy was pleased with the measured yet confident way Castor moved. He wasn't nearly as catlike silent and elegant as Emi, but who was?

Emi moved out down the street, carefully to stay as much in the shadows as possible, hunched over but still quick. Castor followed 10 meters behind her, following the same path Emi had set. Troy followed 15 meters behind Castor, unusually nimble and quiet for such a big man, checking their rear to make sure no one was following. When Emi came to a crossroads she halted and consulted a tiny scanner on her wrist. She signaled halt and put up two fingers, pointing to her left. Castor crouched next to a wall as Troy moved up to Emi to confer. After 30 second he came back to Castor.

"Ok, objective one is where orbital scans said it should be. There are two guards in the front, at least 3 inside, scanners are a little fuzzy on the exact number unfortunately." Troy pointed down an alley, "This alley leads to a walled garden adjacent to the back door of our objective building, you and me scale the wall and enter there." Caster started to ask about Emi when he noticed she was gone. Troy grinned, "Emi takes the skylight."

Castor and Troy made their way to the garden. It was dark and smelled of decay, the floor slippery with decomposing leaves. Castor quickly moved to the wall and pressed his back against it. In practiced movements he cupped his hands together and crouched down a bit. Troy placed a foot into the cupped hands and was quickly boosted to the top of the wall by Castor. Troy swung his other leg over the wall so he straddled it and offered a hand to Castor. When Castor accepted the hand he was quickly pulled up to the top of the wall. They where both over the wall in less than ten seconds.

The rear door was as unguarded as expected. The lock was even easier to pick than expected and soon they stood in the dusty, dark backroom of the small apartment building unceremoniously dubbed 'objective one'. A short sensor ping from their wrist scanners revealed the room beyond the door was the atrium, reaching all up to the skylight above. It also revealed 5 guards huddled around the transport inhibitor set up in the middle of the atrium. Troy frowned, there were more guards than expected.

Fortunately the guards where less than professional soldiers. Merely being rebels they had little experience in actual combat. Huddled around a small light set up next to the transport inhibitor they had robbed themselves of any low light vision their eyes would have adapted too had they stayed in the dark. Beyond the cone of light they sat in, they were blind. As Troy carefully opened the door to the atrium he could see them all just fine. It was a testament to their dedication that they were actually actively guarding, instead of just playing cards as he had expected. Not that it would help them much.

Silently Troy unsheathed the dull black combat knife from his leg scabbard as Castor did the same. In the meantime a black rope with a noose on the end was being lowered from the skylight above. Staying outside the cone of light Castor and Troy moved to opposite sides of the room, crouching down, ready to jump into action as the rope descended.

The last meter it fell quickly, neatly dropping over the head of one of the rebels. Before he could cry out in surprise it was jerked tight around his neck and he was being hoisted in the air. Emi, Using the rebel as a counterweight to slow her fall, had jumped down from the skylight. The four remaining rebels barely had time to be surprised as two shadows jumped at them. Two went down almost immediately, clutching their throats, blood spraying from between their fingers, unable to scream as both their windpipe and jugulars had been cut.

The other two almost managed to raise their weapons. Emi crashed into one so hard she broke his neck. She let go of the rope, dropping the hanged rebel down as a sack of potatoes. The body made a cracking sound as it hit the floor. Troy finished of the last one with a quick slash of his knife.

The two guards outside stood no chance when they were assaulted from inside the very building they were protecting and their bodies quickly joined the five of their comrades. As Troy wiped his knife clean on the trouser of one of his victims Castor and Emi placed tree explosives on the transport blocker. Each of them carried a trigger. One of the explosives would be enough to take out the transport inhibitor and surrounding apartment building, three would probably level the block. Triple redundancy to get the job done.

When Troy was happy the explosives had been set up correctly he gather the other two around him. He looked them both in their eyes before continuing. "Ok, now for the actual mission..." Castor nodded, this was where his second package would come to play.

[to be continued]


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