Episode 1.1: Sidetracked - Departure

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Posted on Thu Mar 14th, 2013 @ 12:07pm by Captain Estrad Dagan & Ensign Lyra Sapescal & Commander Barim Nash & Lieutenant Commander Cheldu Ch'Dra & Lieutenant Lucius Hawke & Ensign Marla Kanso

Mission: Episode 1.1: Sidetracked
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: Departure from Dock

Estrad Dagan strolled out of his ready room, and pulled down his shirt. The excitement in the air was papable. The crew all knew this was the moment their adventure's truly begun. This was the moment the Aeon departed on it's maiden voyage into the stars.

Estrad smiled round at the crew, before sitting himself in. "Are we ready?" he asked Barim.

"All stations report green status, sir," Barim replied, smiling. His face showed enthusiasm, though his posture was casual as ever.

"About time, huh," Estrad replied, responding to Barim's smile.

"Computer, go to condition blue," Estrad announced. The ship was bathed in blue light and a gentle siren, as the crew prepared for the undocking sequence to commence.

"Commander," he turned once again to Barim, and motioned that he should proceed with the undock procedure. "I'll let you have the honours."

"All right, Captain," said Barim. "My time to shine, then." He smiled again and said: "Helm... release airlocks and docking clamps."

"Clamps and airlocks released," said Marla, who still couldn't quite believe this moment had finally arrived.

"Now take us out slowly... careful Ensign, she's expensive. Plus, it would look bad on your record if you put a dent on her, before having even left the docking bay."

"Don't worry sir, I don't intend on chipping our paint job," replied Marla, brimming with pride. Barim cocked an eyebrow.

The USS Aeon gently slipped from its mooring point at the space station, sliding off into her maiden voyage.

"Set a course for the Neutral Zone... cruising speed."

"Course laid in, sir."

Barim said back in his chair. "Engage!" he ordered.

The fresh new warp core of the Aeon came to life and seconds later, the ship was gliding through warpspace.

Estrad smiled at Barim. "And we're off. Nicely done, of course."

"Why, thank you, Captain."

Lieutenant Lucius Hawke stood at Tactical with his hands clasped behind his back, keeping an eye on his console's scanner feed and systems status display while he listened to the exchange between the skipper and XO. It all seemed very casual and cordial, which was something he would have to get used to in this new assignment.

Cheldu had taken post at the engineering station on the bridge during the departure. It was one of those 'official' moments you really had to be part of. He felt out of place here though. And was looking forward to making his way back to engineering.

"Captain, with your permission, I'd like to bring her to max speed for a little run in a few minutes. Just to see how she holds. It will also give me a better idea of what tweaking is needed, by listening to her as we push her a bit."

"Permission granted, Commander. Take her to full speed when you are ready," Estrad replied.

The ops console then beeped. "Sir, we have an incoming communication from the Sarragut," Lyra announced. "They have been ordered to rendezvous with us."

"Indeed," Estrad's eyebrow raised. He hadn't expected a rendezvous, especially right at the start of their journey out. He expected it might be something to do with crew transfers, or someone else who wanted to come with them to the neutral zone. "Well, transmit their rendezvous coordinates to helm and divert course."

"Aye, sir," Lyra replied.

The Aeon shifted course slightly as it hurtled towards the rendezvous point.

"Alright. Taking over helm commencing with the speedtest," Cheldu reported. "Increasing speed to warp 9.... 9.5"

Estrad watched as the stars increased in speed. A slight vibration started to become noticable.

"9.9 and holding." Cheldu informed the Captain. "Everything looks good so far. Minor fluctuations. Energy demand slightly higher than it should be. Nothing we can't iron out."

"Now let's see what see can really do," he continued as he entered his next commands. The ship accelerated even further to warp 9.975. The ship now started to seriously tremor and the lighting started to flicker.

At Tactical, Hawke found himself gripping the edge of his console a little too tightly. He hated high warp at the best of times, let alone when the lights started flickering. Red lights started blinking on his systems status display telling him that there was no available power for the phasers. Not unexpected, given the present drain from the warp engines. He made a note of it and reminded himself to breathe.

"Hmmm, that's not good," Cheldu mumbled as he reduced speed back to cruise. "I'd like to study the results in Main Engineering, Sir. This will take more work than I had anticipated. Something is still seriously 'off'."

"Indeed, Commander," Estrad agreed, as the ship eased back into it's previous speed and the lightning came back on. "Keep me posted."


Captain Estrad Dagan
Commanding Officer

Commander Barim Nash
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Commander Cheldu Ch'Dra
Chief Engineering Officer

Lieutenant Lucius Hawke
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Ensign Marla Kanso
Chief Flight Control Officer

Ensign Lyra Sapescal (NPC)
Chief Operations Officer


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