Episode 1.1: Sidetracked - Operation last sundown - Part 2

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Posted on Sun Feb 24th, 2013 @ 4:38pm by Ensign Castor Navin
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Mission: Episode 1.1: Sidetracked
Location: Classified
Timeline: 2376 (13 years ago)

Operation last sundown
13 years ago...

When Castor stepped outside, the rain had worsened and the air had cooled even more. He shivered unconsciously, not so much from the cold as his black jumpsuit insulated him against the elements pretty thoroughly, but more from the look of the city. The rain made the streets and buildings look even more rundown and dismal. He remembered seeing pictures of the city from before the civil war. Things had changed for the worse. The thought of ending the civil war, with a win for the pro-Federation government of course, and restoring the city to its previous state actually made the bodies back in the apartment building behind him seem like a price worth paying.

Emi and Troy moved past him and down the street without a word. Castor checked to make sure the long bag slung over his shoulder was secured properly and would not shift around, and headed after them. The fact that over half the street lights where broken actually made their job a lot easier and they reached their second objective without incident. The skyscraper towered above them, its glass facade broken in several places, no lights on any of the floors. One of the streets next to the building was blocked by a large letter, part of some company's name that had once adorned the top of the building.

Troy chuckled as he looked up to the broken sign up top and pointed at a large X still remaining in the name. "X marks the spot." He pulled a small, yet bulky, gun from his pack and clipped two thin wires coming from circular dispensers hanging from his belt to it. Emi and Castor did the same. In unison they aimed the guns at the X and fired. With three small pops the guns launched hooks to the top of the building, trailing the small wires which were quickly unwinding from their spools.

They were barely secured to the building when Emi started running towards the face of the building. With a jump she turned herself so her feet would land on the glass wall. Her belt spools rewinded the wire with small clicks making sure her body was perfectly horizontal, as if the wall had now become the floor. She looked at the two men and although her facial expression was hidden by her mask, the gesture was clear: "What are you boys waiting for, let's go".

Troy and Castor shrugged in unison and ran at the building as well, not stopping their running after they had turned the 90 degrees necessary to walk up the wall but instead using their momentum to go up. Emi, even though she had stopped to wait, was already ahead.

The three ran up the side of the building, occasionally jumping over a gap left by a broken window. The cable spools kept up with their speed, making sure they stayed horizontal. When they where high enough up Troy pointed at a hole in the wall/floor. Almost in unison the three jumped, swinging themselves away from the building. The spools kept pulling them up and using the pendulum momentum their jump had afforded them they swung into the hole. Slapping their spools to stop the upward motion they fell to the floor on their backs. As they pressed another button the hooks disengaged and the remainder of the wire spooled back into their dispensers.

Being this high up gave them an excellent vantage point, especially on the well lit sports field about a kilometer away, which was the reason they had chosen this building in the first place.

"You're up" Troy spoke to Castor. Castor nodded and unslung his long bag from his shoulder. He scanned the glass wall until he found a spot he liked with a good view of the field and an existing hole in the glass at the right height. He moved over and meticulously cleaned the floor of rubble so he could lie down comfortably. Next he opened the package and removed the rifle from it. It was a disruptor sniper model, 'liberated' recently from a rebel weapons cache. If anyone bothered to do an investigation afterward, it would look like a rebel had used it, causing even more internal strife in the rebel camp. Castor checked the weapon, like he had done a dozen times before the start of the mission, and when he was satisfied lay down in his prepared spot, the rifle aiming through the hole in the glass at the field. He shifted around some until he was comfortable and his aim was directly at the small podium erected on the field.

Emi lay down beside him with a pair of binoculars on a tripod.
"Wind is 11 knots from south-south-west, range is 1123 meter to the podium."

At this range the rifle would have no noticeable drop or drift, especially since it was an energy weapon, but castor changed the settings on his scope accordingly, a micrometer off was still a micrometer off.

It was a hour until the target arrived. The rebel leader was a charismatic person, a natural leader, great speaker and the one unifying all the anti-Federation factions under one banner. It was expected that with the death of the leader the rebel factions would collapse in a power struggle, eventually tipping the balance back to the current pro-Federation government.

When the target climbed the podium Castor flexed his shoulders, the hour long wait on the concrete floor had made him a bit stiff. Troy muttered something behind him that sounded like 'Showtime', but Castor was to focused on his target to really hear it. As the rebel leader paced throughout the podium, getting into the speech, Castor moved as well in tiny meticulous motions, keeping the crosshairs between the targets eyes. He slowed his heartbeat and time seemed to slow down. When the target stopped to gaze intently over the audience Castor squeezed the trigger.

In the millisecond it took for the disruptor blast to hit the target Castor imagined the target looking straight at him, as if she had heard the shot, which was impossible. The round hit precisely where Castor had aimed, between her intense blue eyes. The long hair flowing from her head puffed a little cloud of smoke at the round past through her brain and out of the back of her head, burning a patch of her hair as it passed and even making a small hole in the podium on which she stood.

Emi took two seconds to confirm the kill and then flipped the switch on her detonator. They felt the rattle of the building for a moment as the nearby city-block housing the transport-blocker went up in a huge fireball. Before the full shockwave hit though they had been transported away. The cold concrete under Castor was replaced by the floor of a transporter pad. As he got up to hand the rifle over to a crewman who would depose of it, Troy spoke the words the officials had been waiting for: "Last Sundown: Mission accomplished".

The officials left the transporter room, leaving Castor, Troy and Emi alone for a moment. Troy gave Castor a brotherly slap on the back, "Congrats on your first successful mission. Now I can really say with pride and honesty; Welcome to the Black Specters."


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