Episode 1.1: Sidetracked - Rendezvous

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Posted on Fri Mar 15th, 2013 @ 12:55pm by Captain Estrad Dagan & Ensign Lyra Sapescal & Commander Barim Nash & Lieutenant Commander Cheldu Ch'Dra & Lieutenant Lucius Hawke & Lieutenant Vanya Hudson-Riley & Ensign Marla Kanso
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Mission: Episode 1.1: Sidetracked
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: Current

The Aeon launched out of warp into the Aliaas system, a small nondescript and rather derelict system half way between Sol and the edge of the neutral zone. It was made up of a single large gas giant orbiting a large blue star, with nothing else but a few minor asteroid belts also part of the orbit.

The Sarragut was already sitting there waiting for the Aeon to arrive, the Akira-class starship bathed in the blue glow of the star.

Marla looked up from the conn at the gas giant and felt a sudden pang of homesickness in her chest. To distract herself she admired the Sarragut instead.

"Look at that hull," she muttered "it's gotta be a Duranium-Tritanium composite." Hooking an elbow over the back of her chair she turned to the others "While I was at the Academy I saw one of these birds being put together at the Copernicus Fleet Yard." Marla felt she was talking out of turn in the quiet bridge, but anything was better than looking at that gas giant.

Estrad smiled at Marla's observation, and was about to respond when something beeped.

"We've got an incoming communique from the Sarragut," Lyra announced.

"On screen," Estrad ordered, and the screen was replaced with the image of Captain Vicky Karensky. Long brown hair tied together into a ponytail fell down over her left shoulder, and she looked over the Aeon bridge crew with a rather amused expression.

"Captain Dagan," she smiled at Estrad. "Congratulations on your new command."

"Captain Karensky," Estrad stood, straightened and walked towards the monitor. "Thank you very much. I have a fine crew underneath me, I'm sure we will serve the Federation well. It's good to see you, I wasn't expecting such a sudden rendezvous. I assume you have some transfers for us?" he asked. Now they would find out what this was all about.

"Yes, we do," Karensky acknowledged. "However, that's not the only reason we're here. You see, we've heard that you're flying a new ship on an expedited shakedown cruise, before being stationed out along the neutral zone. For that, we've been ordered to help you out."

Estrad was intrigued. "What exactly did you have in mind, Captain?" he asked.

Karensky grinned. "Why, a simulated combat test between our two ships, of course," she replied. "That is, if you accept our challenge?"

Barim grinned, got up from his chair and stood next to his Captain. "Oh, I'm sorry Captain Karensky... but we can't accept that."

Karensky laughed. She had not expected such an answer. "Commander Nash, I presume," she said, intrigued. "And, if I may, why is that Commander?"

Barim put his hands in his side and took a semi-cocky posture. "Well, you see, Captain... it just wouldn't be fair. We have the best crew in the Federation."

Estrad grinned at his XO. Karensky laughed again. "I like your fighting spirit, Commander," she said. "But I have to disagree. I'm sure your crew will perform valiantly, but the unfair advantage lies in my court."

"Challenge accepted, Captain," said Barim. "Just don't hold it against my poor CO here when we win."

"Well, let me know when you're ready," said Karensky, still chuckling. "In the meantime, we'll coordinate the transfer of your new crew members to you. Karensky out."

The screen went blank.

"Well," mock-sighed Barim. "That went well. Mr. Hawke... looks like you'll be able to show off your military heritage right off the bat."

Hawke grinned and cracked his knuckles, "No pressure, right, sir?" He tapped away at his console, ensuring all safeties were activitated and launching the wargame simulation mode for all offensive and defensive systems. "Skipper, if I may suggest," he said while he tapped. "The Akira-class has always been vulnerable to ventral attack - it was a weakness that partly led to the Luna-class design." His grin widened. "We should exploit that."

"I like him already," remarked Barim.

Estrad smiled at Barim, then turned to Hawke. "Excellent, Lieutenant, but I'll want to get our crew transferred on board first, then actually make sure our phasers work. There's enough asteroids to test on around here for that."

Hawke nodded curtly and threw in a quick, "Aye, sir." Wishing he hadn't looked so eager to battle another Federation starship, he quietly deactivated the wargame mode and started to run a pre-power up diagnostic on each of the ship's thirteen phaser banks.

Estrad turned to the screen. "Helm, bring us within transporter range of the Sarragut," Estrad ordered.

"Aye, Captain." Marla nodded, her hands moving quickly over the controls. "Taking us in."

"Captain," Cheldu started. "I've done a brief calculation of our odds in this fight. Even taking the ventral weakness into account, our chances of winning are slim to none. I suggest we follow the example of one of the greatest captains in Starfleet history, when faced with an unwinnable scenario.... Chancing the scenario in your favor. For instance, we could add the fighter we brought into the equation."

"That's a good idea, Commander," Estrad acknowledged. "If you can get her ready and setup for simulated combat we can use her."

"Already on it," Cheldu replied. "She'll be ready in 30 minutes."

"Right, Commander," Estrad looked back at Nash. "I'll leave the transfer in your capable hands. Let me know when we're ready to begin our tests."

"Aye, sir."

Estrad nodded, and walked down into his ready room. It wouldn't be long before they really were facing the Akira-class ship in combat, simulated of course, but still combat. It would be a good test of the crew's ability to perform under stress and as a team, and be a good way to bring the crew together. He was looking forward to it.

[Main Sickbay: Deck 5]

“…. routine medical operations will continue to be conducted here in sickbay. For the purposes of our simulation our base will be split between the emergency medical facilities on deck twelve and cargo bay two on deck nine. We have ten rapid response units,” Vanya looked to them, thirty six teal uniformed men and women, two per deck. Most already had their medkits on their shoulders or on nearby surfaces. “Don’t rely on the turbolifts, there’ll be simulated damage and they may be out of order. You may have to use both imagination and muscle to get to the casualties. The bulk of those should be treated at site, they should then be directed to the cargo bay where a team will give further treatment if required,” she nodded to acknowledge the group of doctors and nurses who filled most of the briefing room before returning to the rapid response teams. “I don’t want to see anyone who could’ve been patched up on site brought in, nor anyone who the simulation suggests won’t make it, don’t forget that standard triage procedures apply,” that was the harsh reality of the medic’s role, those tough decisions had to be made to ensure resources were spent correctly.

“Where the simulation tells you, and if available emergency site to site transport can be used to get casualties to surgery in the secondaryfacility, otherwise you need to find another way to get them there for treatment,” Vanya then flicked her gaze to the three surgeons who stood to the other side of the main group. “Any questions?” the Chief Medical Officer asked the collected members of Alpha Shift. The briefing had been thorough, and as expected there were none.

“Very well, to your positions!" Vanya said before hitting her com badge. It was serendipity that she was already planning to run a drill when she heard the rumour that a woder exercise was going to take place. Quite simple to weave one into the other, “Medical are ready, and standing by Captain. Do you want me down here or on the bridge?”

News travels fast, Estrad thought. But then it always did on starships. He tapped his combadge. "We'll be performing our simulated combat in a couple of hours, Doctor," he said. "And I think for our training purposes you should stay in Sickbay. It will help provide a clearer view of how Sickbay runs in combat situations."

"Very well, Sir," it would take them an hour or so to set up the 'emergency' facilities and for everyone to get into place, "We're ready when you are."


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