Episode 1.1: Sidetracked - Command Catchup

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Posted on Thu May 30th, 2013 @ 7:42pm by Commander Barim Nash & Captain Estrad Dagan

Mission: Episode 1.1: Sidetracked
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Before simulation with Sarragut

Estrad was sat behind the desk looking through the crew roster, and specifically at the new crew that would be joining them from the Sarragut. His eyes lingered on a new shuttle pilot, an Ensign Liran Elar, a fellow Trill. Able to actually have someone else on his ship that was the same species as him made him smile.

He put the PADD down and got up to go and order a drink from the replicator. It had only been a short while since he'd left the bridge, he'd gone over combat procedures, ship specifications and then the new crew roster. The combat request was a good idea, although Estrad wished Starfleet had sent them a ship of lesser strength and size than an Akira-class ship; the Aeon was only a science vessel, and was therefore not as equipped for combat operations as the Sarragut was.

"If you don't mind, sir," said Barim, who was comfortably seated on the couch underneath the ready room's viewports. "I would like another coffee, while you're at the replicator."

He coated his forwardness with another of his cordial smiles. However, being emphatically endowed, Barim already knew very well what he could and could not ask his new commanding officer. It had not taken him very long to notice Estrad's laid back form of command - a form only possible through his air of fatherly authority and natural wisdom. You didn't mess with the Captain, but more importantly - you didn't want to.

Asking Estrad for a cup of coffee within the intimacy of his ready room was something Barim was almost getting used to.

Estrad smiled at his first officer. Having an XO who was able to fully relax around when in the same room as him meant he was able to fully relax too. There was nothing worse then having your right hand not fully trust what the left hand would do next.

"Certainly," Estrad replied. "Computer, one hot chocolate and one coffee, black."

The replicator whirred and the two mugs appeared. Estrad picked them up and handed one to Barim. "Here you go, Commander."

"Best thing the Humans have brought to the Federation, if you ask me," said Barim as he graciously accepted the cup from Estrad. "Now, what did you need me for, Captain?"

Estrad took a seat on the couch next to Barim and set his mug down. "Well, I know we need to discuss battle tactics," he said, lightly. "But really, I just wanted to see how you and the crew were getting on. And have you heard from our Commodore lately? I know he's doing a very good job at staying out of harm's way, which is good."

Barim chuckled. "I have never met a Betazoid like him. But I guess that's why I like him, too. As for the crew... so far, so good. We seem to have a passionate, caring bunch. From what I've gathered, most of them are happy to be here. Your reputation as a Joined Trill doesn't hurt, either: most people can appreciate the fact that a couple of lifetimes makes you a better leader than most."

Estrad nodded thoughtfully. "I'm glad to hear that. And yes, being joined does give you a lot to pull on."

He paused for a moment and thought back. There were many memories to pull on from him as a station commander, but this was his first time commanding a starship. And his first time commanding a starship in a combat scenario. Outside of Starfleet training, that was…

"Anyway," Estrad resumed the conversation quickly, not wanting to get too lost in his past experiences. "That covers the Commodore and the crew, but not you." He smiled. "How are you faring, Commander? Settled in alright?"

"Don't worry about me," said Barim. "I'm doing the job I love most: handling a crew and advising the CO. So, yeah, settled in just fine. It's a nice ship, for sure."

"Indeed, she is," Estrad agreed, before picking up his mug and taking a small drink from it. It was certainly good that things seemed to have started off on the right foot.

Putting it down again, he turned to Barim. "So, I guess it's time we put your advice giving to use," he smiled at Barim. "What advice do you have for the upcoming simulation? Given that this is a test for crew performance and ship systems, we have a lot of areas to cover."

"I'd be curious to see how everyone handles themselves," Barim replied. "I prefer not to get in people's faces, tell them what to do. Let them figure it out, take them seriously in their own jobs. Sure, they might screw up... makes for a better crew if they know you won't be judging their every move."

Estrad nodded. "Oh I agree with that," he said. "I believe in giving an overarching direction and having the crew work towards that. Coming from an engineering background does give you a good perspective on that; engineer's like us tend to want to be given a problem and work out how to solve it, rather than told what to do point blank."

"Freedom," stated Barim. "That's what the Federation is about and it's what we need on our ship. Right Cap?"

Estrad laughed. “Indeed, that is what the Federation is about, and it’s what we’re sworn to protect. And yes, the freedom to be able to complete ones duties without someone looking over your shoulder is definitely something I always aim for.”

Barim drained his cup. "Well, I have to get going again. Imagine you're busy enough as it is, too."

Estrad stretched. "Indeed. Thank you for your visit, Commander. Oh, and before you go, I'd appreciate a report post-battle on any observations you might have regarding the crew and ship's performance, as well as any recommendations. Perhaps we can have another talk about it at some point."

"Right on, Captain," said Barim with a nod.


Captain Estrad Dagan
Commanding Officer

Commander Barim Nash
Executive Officer


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