Episode 1.1: Sidetracked - Hrisith

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Posted on Sat Mar 23rd, 2013 @ 4:46pm by Ensign Liran Elar & Lieutenant Commander Cheldu Ch'Dra

Mission: Episode 1.1: Sidetracked
Location: shuttlebay
Timeline: just before simulation with Sarragut

Rilneven was thrilled when Cheldu asked her to prep the fighter. She sighed as she sat down, taking a few seconds to breath in the atmosphere. Andorians don't get goosebumps. But as the ship powering up, and started to whir in the background once again her antennae quivered.

They had used the fighter in simulations hundreds of times before. It had been a while though, so she started with running diagnostics on both the ships systems and the simulation module. Everything looked good so far.

"Does she have a name?" Liran asked quietly as she stepped aboard the craft.

Rilneven looked up and greeted Ensign Elar. "We've never been able to settle on a name," Rilneven replied. "Naming our children was easy. But deciding on a good name for the fighter is a battle with no winner this far." She smiled. "In the meantime I call it Hrisith. A bit boring I agree, but better than nothing."

"Hrisith," Liran repeated, rolling the word around her mouth, then nodded.

"Where are my manners. Please do sit down and I'll talk you through the interface and base functions."

Liran sat where Rilneven gestured, scanning the smooth Andorian controls, a little unsure of what to say. "Different species' spacecraft are sort of a hobby of mine, but it's all been simulations," she ran a finger along the edge of a nearby panel. "I've recently been playing with an Andorian battle cruiser, but it's a dated program and the layout is different." Her recent recreation was why she had volunteered for this particular assignment.

"Alright," Rilneven started. "Most important thing to realize, is that Andorian controls are very natural and intuitive. The tishratin is an ancient design. So if you've ever flown an Andorian ship before you should be fine as this is will be a simplified version of what you've encountered before. Although of course we made some minor alterations."

Liran nodded as she followed Rilneven's words.

"You are in the mainseat at the moment," she continued. "On the left are the maneuvering controls and on the right you can find phaser an torpedo systems. I'll fly as copilot and will keep an eye on the rest. All you have to do is fly and shoot."

"For the drill?" Liran was a little surprised that a civilian would be coming along. "Of course, it's your ship after all." She answered herself out loud. She checked the readouts, appreciating the flowing Andorian script and flashed a smile at Rilneven.

"Okay, Hrisith, let's see what you've got!"


Ensign Liran Elar
Support Craft Pilot

Rilneven (NPC)


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