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Created by Captain Estrad Dagan on Sun Oct 28th, 2012 @ 8:59pm

Hello there! I take it you are considering a position on the USS Aeon? Or perhaps you have recently joined (and if you have, welcome)? This is the post for you...

You will need to decide your position (see the Personnel page for Open Positions), and your species. We accept most Star Trek species (see below for more on that), and will also consider accepting newly created species (you will need to fill out the new species form for approval before character creation, if you wish to take this option).

Once you have chosen your position, check the Departmental Guides for more information on how to Simm your chosen profession, as well as links to handy resources!

Star Trek Species

All Star Trek species fall into three categories:

  • Permitted: Species in this category are playable by all members.
  • Restricted: These species can only be played with Command Staff permission, and usually cannot be played as primary characters.
  • Forbidden: Any species listed in this category are barred from being played by any members except in NPC, short-term capacities, and only with express Command Staff permission. This may be due to super-powers (Qs), or villain status (Borg).

Any Star Trek species not found in those lists should be considered restricted. Any species already created that is not found in the Star Trek universe should be considered forbidden.

Please be aware that while the above links show the variety of Species in the Star Trek universe in order of what will most likely be accepted, the information behind each species is provided by the Starfleet 118 simming fleet, who have on some articles adjusted the species information to match with their non-canon simming history.

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